The RCM eBook


The Resuscitation Crisis Manual (The RCM), is a collection of the initial critical actions required to temporize life-threatening crises in crashing patients.

Based on the cockpit QRH (quick reference handbook) used in the airline industry, and using crew resource management principles developed for aviation safety, the RCM brings tried and tested checklist guidance to the field of resuscitation, critical care, emergency medicine and ICU.
  • An interactive Index for fast navigation
  • A return to Index/Crisis Prevention button on all pages 
  • Direct link buttons allowing immediate access to related tabs
  • Works with Apple and Android mobile devices plus desktop and laptop computers
Colour-coding, bulleted and numbered lists enhance memory recall in a stressful situation. The interactive features enable quick and easy navigation in the midst of a crisis.

Portable and easily accessible, it provides cognitive support in the midst of an operating room crisis, as well as essential material for simulation training, teaching and crisis management rehearsal.