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The Resuscitation Crisis Manual (The RCM), is a collection of the initial critical actions required to temporize life-threatening crises in crashing patients.

Based on the cockpit QRH (quick reference handbook) used in the airline industry, and using crew resource management principles developed for aviation safety, the RCM brings tried and tested checklist guidance to the field of Patient Safety.

Using accepted national and international resuscitation guidelines, as well as input from resuscitation and critical care specialty groups, the RCM is presented in a highly functional, robust and fluid-resistant handbook, ideal for the emergency department or intensive care environment.

Divided into two sections, The RCM consists of Crisis Repair Protocols, each providing a checklist of tasks to complete when the diagnosis is known, and a second section outlining Crisis Repair Procedures and Procedural Checklists. It provides clear, concise instruction for use by any health professional leading or assisting in crisis management.

A collaboration by Scott Weingart, critical care clinician and internationally renowned medical podcaster (EMcrit), David Borshoff, anesthesiologist and author of the popular Anaesthetic Crisis Manual (The ACM) and Michael Stone, emergency medicine physician and point-of-care ultrasound expert, The Resuscitation Crisis Manual will provide excellent support to all involved in resuscitation.

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