The ACM v2 eBook


The Anaesthetic Crisis Manual is a practical quick-reference e-manual in Aviation Checklist format, giving step-by-step instructions for the management of the most common anaesthetic crises encountered in the operating room.

  • Interactive Index for fast navigation
  • Return to Index/Crisis Prevention button on all pages 
  • Direct link buttons to jump to related tabs
  • Works with Apple and Android mobile devices plus desktop and laptop computers

32 crisis management protocols cover the major scenarios requiring immediate therapeutic intervention to prevent a catastrophic outcome. These include life-threatening cardiac, circulatory, airway, respiratory, metabolic and drug induced events.

A crisis prevention section includes diagnostic pathways and checklists for adverse parameter changes as well as a 15 point machine check.

Colour-coding, bulleted and numbered lists enhance memory recall in a stressful situation. The interactive features enable quick and easy navigation in the midst of a crisis.

Portable and easily accessible, it provides cognitive support in the midst of an operating room crisis, as well as a providing essential material for simulation training, teaching and crisis management rehearsal.

A must for every anesthesiologist, CRNA, trainee and operating room.